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Student voice and choice is important when planning units. The students and I create a rubric together so they are informed and understand the expectations. Below are some examples of the units I have planned and the rubrics students and I have created together:

Creating self-assessment checklists guides the students in their own learning. It encourages independence and transfer of responsibility

The PBL unit and learning experiences plan attached are examples of the type of activites that are done in the classroom that fit with PeBL. 

The lesson plans represent the style of teaching that I have. My math instruction follows inspiration from Guided Math. Working with students in alike groupings allows the teacher to provide more support for the students' various needs. 


My ELA instruction follows the Daily Five. I use David Kilpatrick's Equipped for Reading Success to practice phonological awareness

This activity was to explore using specific materials when creating objects. 

The grade six students had an engaging lesson of creating a meal for 10 people. Using a local grocery flyer, this activity included multiplying costs and portions, and dividing the meal weights to estimate portions.

Formative Assessments that I Use:

Exit Slips


Traffic Light Self Assessments

Student Check-Ins

Thumbs up-Thumbs down

Seesaw videos

Summative Assessments that I Use:


Powerpoint Presentations

Self Assessments

Choice Assignments

Flip Books