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It is important for students to have space where they feel comfortable and safe to learn. These spaces must be created with the input of the students. I ask my students how they want their classroom to look like and I do my best to adapt it to fit their needs. 


I offer flexible seating as a choice in my classroom. Often you will see students sitting at tables, on benches with lap trays, laying on the floor and sitting on stools. 


To make the classroom as welcoming and hospitable as possible, I like to include elements that support this. I have blankets, pillows, plants, and natural elements to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. 

To enhance the learning environment and support my learners, I have a rating scale placed in my room. This allows students to reflect on their work and seek ways to enhance it. 

I have a visual calendar and our "I Can" statements on the wall. This allows the students to have a reminder about the outcomes they are learning. 


















As a class we create a classroom promise together. Classroom promises create the foundation of classroom management. The students have a discussion about what they want their classroom to look like, how to treat others and how they learn.

We create a list of promises and make a plan of action if expectations are not being met. I share the classroom promises and action plan with the families. I have found this method to be a great opportunity to practice their 21st Century Skills.